Kennedy School

I’ve been running my Kennedy-Schule in Tuttlingen, South Germany for 30 years now. It soon became necessary to develop solutions and find tools to solve the challenges of dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD. The standard ‘solutions’ on offer in the world of education were hopeless.

This progression involved a lot of hard work by many talented people. The Kennedy School also became a sort of laboratory for educational methodology, we tried many different approaches before we finally cracked these three hard nuts!

One of these talented experts is Crischa Wagner with whom I’ve been working closely together since 2011. Crischa is a highly qualified educationalist and the pedagogical director of the Kennedy-School. He has also worked and still is working with children and teenagers from K1 to K12. And he is an accomplished solo musician.

Crischa Wagner, pedagogical director
Crischa Wagner, pedagogical director

Some years ago, Crischa and I came to an agreement that he will, from 1st August 2021 onwards, take over the running and ownership of the Kennedy-School and I would, for a further 10 years, migrate into the role as “grandfather” and educational consultant-partner for the school until 2031.

It has become my passion, to consult, guide and assist organizations such as charter schools to achieve the same wonderful results as we do – with children that are often considered to be a lost cause.

Now I will have the time and resources to do this! Using my full access to the Kennedy-School for the next 10 years, and together with Crischa, to continue optimizing and consolidating new and exciting pedagogical methods that produce measurable improvements for the children.

I think Charter Schools could do an even better job than us. They have more time with the children, more resources both financial and educational, they possess the same unremitting drive to achieve success AND they put their children FIRST.

You will find the Kennedy School website to be very simple, it is about children, their parents and what we have achieved together. Please click on the translate button in the form of the UK-Flag top-right.